Low poly UE4 vehicle project files

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What it contains

  • Unreal Engine project files (UE4.24.1 version)
  • In the Assets map you can find Blender, LMMS project files and used assets.
    • 6 sound files
    • 4 image files
    • Blender (v2.81) project
    • LMMS (v1.2.1)project
    • Vehicle FBX file

Vehicle features

  • Lights
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals with automatic turn off
  • Openable doors
  • Mudguards and brake calipers move with wheels
  • HUD speedometer and tachometer
  • First person camera
  • Movable steering wheel
  • In vehicle speedometer and tachometer with switchable backlight
  • Engine sound and turn signal sound

Vehicle controls in project

  • WASD to drive
  • Q and E turn signals
  • Shift + Q or E to open doors
  • C switch between cameras
  • F switch lights

Tutorial series parts

Series count and names may change as they are being released

  1. Modeling low poly vehicle base in Blender.
  2. Modeling low poly vehicle wheels.
  3. Texturing the vehicle model.
  4. Making speedometer and tachometer textures.
  5. Rigging vehicle the vehicle model.
  6. Setting up basic vehicle in Unreal Engine 4.
  7. Making mudguards and brake calipers move together with wheels.
  8. Making openable doors and animated steering wheel.
  9. Adding lights and brake lights.
  10. Adding HUD and in vehicle speedometer and tachometer
  11. Adding turn signals with automatic turn off
  12. Generating vehicle sounds
  13. Adding sounds to vehicle