Valorant Jett abilities recreated in Unreal Engine 5

by Arthur Ontuzhan

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

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Character blueprint


It's a base character blueprint with a camera component added to it.

Camera component adjustments:

  • Moved up by 60 units on Z-axis
  • Use Pawn Control Rotation: checked

Character Movement component adjustments:

  • Gravity scale: 1.5
  • Jump Z Velocity: 500 cm/s
  • Air Control: 0.2
  • Jump Pressed, type Boolean
  • Last Launch Direction, type Vector
Base movement blueprints
Jump blueprints
Event Tick / Drift passive ability
Get Dash Direction function / Tailwind ability helper function

Function details

  • Pure: Checked
  • Output Vector value
Tailwind / Dash blueprints
Updraft ability blueprints
Cloudburst / Smoke blueprints

Collision settings

Object Channel named Smoke with Default Response Block.

Smoke blueprint


Sphere (static mesh component) set as Root Component :

  • Collision Preset : Custom
  • Object Type : Smoke
  • Ignore Pawn and Smoke, Block all other

Projectile Movement component

  • Initial Speed : 2000
  • Max Speed : 2000
  • JettCharacter, type Jett Character Blueprint
  • UpdateDirection, type Boolean
Begin Play
Event Tick
Launch event / Fire In Direction
Sphere Hit / Stop Smoke event

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