Simplified Raze Satchel ability created in Unreal Engine 5

by Arthur Ontuzhan

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago

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Here you'll find finished blueprints of the video tutorial above. You can click on each image to see it in a better resolution.

Table of contents

Satchel blueprint


Cube (static mesh component) set as Root Component :

  • Collision Preset : Custom
  • Ignore Pawn and Smoke, Block all other

Projectile Movement component

  • Initial Speed : 600

Radial Force component

  • Radius : 600
  • Impulse Strength : 60000
Detonate event
Launch / Throw Satchel event

Character blueprint

The basis of the character is the first person template's character.

  • Satchel, type Satchel Blueprint
Satchel launch / Detonate event

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