Project Jeff

Download game for free here: / Gumroad

The game that will "cure" your Valorant addiction. A simple platformer in which you play as Jeff, who has abilities similar to Jett from Valorant.

Project files

The project is made using Unreal Engine 5. You can buy project files from: or Gumroad

Or you can support me on Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee.

I have removed default sounds from project files because I don't own them, but there are still "better sounds".

Project functionality includes:

  • A character that has Valorant Jett like ability set
    • Dash
    • High jump
    • Slow fall
    • Fork throw
    • Cover cloud/smoke
  • 9 playable levels
    • Pickups for abilities
    • Invisible blocks that get visible on player touch for a split second
    • 2 types of enemies
      • They use a control rig and are procedurally animated (one type has procedural walking)
      • Basic patrol AI, and a simple routine to do when noticing the player
  • Highscore system that will save users best level times
  • User Interface
    • Settings menu
      • Game volume setting
      • Mouse sensitivity setting
      • Basic graphic settings
      • FPS counter
      • Better sounds trigger (possibility to switch between 2 different sound sets)
      • Possibility to disable countdown timer at the start of the level
      • Possibility to change key bindings
    • The Main menu that contains level selector
    • In-game menus that show the current run time and the best level time
    • Chat system
      • Has message queue system that allows sending messages with a predetermined delay
      • Saves messages between levels
      • After a message is received it fades out after a while
      • Enemies send messages if they die or kill you
      • Receive messages from God or Devil after you finish level or get a high score.
      • Receive messages from God or Devi after you several times restart level or die.
    • Enabled forward shading rendering